Long ago,
there were two great dragons...

Hylcinth, the white dragon of light, ruler of the day and goddess of honor, giver of magic and mother of the terrestrial planets...

Helgrinle’das, the black dragon of the night, god of justice and the hunt, watchman and protector of the universe...

Though nature ruled that they should live in opposition, their harmonious balance led the two to eventually fall in love.

Together they built Jo'Arca, and Hylcinth wept joyously, filling its expanses with magic and life, creatures and spirits, plants and minerals. Finally, she called down some of the stars themselves to live as mortals, giving birth to the Stardragons.

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Tales of Jo'Arca

Follow Amir, Elliott and many others as the StarDragons of Jo'Arca share the history of the world they live in. Backers can catch previews of new pages as they are created on our Patreon!

Stardragon Traits Compendium

View each StarDragon's traits and specific species characteristics. We're always making additions to the species, so make sure to check in every now and then!

Tropical Starsweepers

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About The Gem Exchange

The Gem Exchange is a collaborative multimedia roleplaying and worldbuilding project focused around beautiful one of a kind fantasy anthropomorphic character designs. Explore the vast and vibrant world of Jo'Arca and its inhabitants; the Stardragons.

The Stardragons are an original species created and designed by Cuttleskulls, Cloneclone, and Deletethestars, with a wide array of defining traits and continuous lore. With the everloving support and care of our community, we seek to give a creative space for those who love these dragons just as much as we do.