Deepforge StarCrafters

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Deepforge Crafters make their homes in the deepest parts of Jo'Arca, deep below the surface in the molten core of the planet, and have adapted to the darkness of the deep underground. Often travelling from one part of the underground to the other, their cities tend to be little more than pathways connecting stalagmites and houses carved into stone that are picked up and left behind as they look for materials and minerals for their projects and inventions. Often seen as the keepers of invention and knowledge through the ages, the First Forge, set in the depths of Jo'Arca's core in the middle of a river of molten magma, is their crowning glory of record keeping in all things; religion, technology, medical advancements, everything the Weaver Mafia would have the world think doesn't exist. - Their main differences from their other kin is their black sclera, adapted to the dark of the underground, their corkscrew ears and unrefined rock-like tail gems. Their shale is also a rougher, more crystalline kind. Female deepforge crafters will carve their flowers out of particularly rare glowing crystals or glowing mushrooms.

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Ears (1)

Starcrafter Emblem
crafter ears deepforge

Common Ear
StarCrafter (Deepforge)

Gems (1)

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Deepforge Gem
crafter trait tail deepforge

Common Gem
StarCrafter (Deepforge)

Shales (1)

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Deepforge Shale
crafter trait shale deepforge c

Common Shale
StarCrafter (Deepforge)